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new media concepts is an A/V distribution company with a twist.

we offer professional audio, video, lighting and control equipment to system integrators and dealers, but....
we do not only offer products but also several services.
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A deep understanding of different technologies and markets, combined with a good set of communication skills gives us the right toolset to help you out with almost any technical challenge you might have.

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some history and background
New Media Concepts was founded in 2001 as a marketing and sales services company for the audio visual market.
In the past 13 years we delivered a broad range of products, services and projects to different markets, such as the retail market, tourism market and the professional Audiovisual market .
Although our activities over the years have evolved quite a bit, our company core values have always been the same .

We believe strongly in delivering the best possible value for money , wether it is a single product , service or supporting a large scale project .

We are constantly browsing new products, markets and applications to be able to offer the right solutions to our dealer base.

We also develop new products or product ideas and can assist manufacturers of Pro AV products also with all of their marketing needs .
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